Custom Order

Thank you for your interest in ordering an original Babushka Dance Design costume.

Babushka Dance Designs create one of a kind, unique costumes based on each dancer's style of dance, music and choreography.

These are more expensive than ready-made costumes due to the extra time in design and pattern making as well as the details that you decide on.

Clients are given personalised attention throughout the entire design process to create the perfect costume for your dancer.

Rates for original custom made costumes start at $320 for size 4 -10 and $340 size 12 and up. This includes pattern making, fabrics, base trims and bling.

Excessive stoning is added to the base price with the final design quote.

Waltz Taps/Slow Tap costumes start at around $380 due to the extra fabric and decorating time required. Wings are available as an extra to be added to your quote.

These are extensively decorated with laces and rhinestones

Any extra specialty trims, beading, stoning and bling or specialty fabrics to be discussed when ordered.

Headpieces can be custom made to match your costume . These are usually $50 depending on the decorations.

It's best to place your order as soon as you know your competition date. You may place an order to hold your spot even if you don't know what your music or style of dance will be at that time.

Babushka Dance Designs requires a 30% Deposit paid when booking an order and before any work commences.